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Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Sat, February 27, 2016 16:49:33
This is a once-only chance to improve the environment for future generations.
The petition is addressed to Hertfordshire County Council but also to the ten district and borough councils via the Herts Waste Partnership.
About half of our household waste is being recycled. Much of the remainder could and should be recycled or composted – to prevent it being sent to either landfill or incineration.
Our ability to maximise recycling and composting is threatened by the possibility that Herts. County Council will extend its waste management contract with Veolia to 2050, locking us in to incineration and limiting the amount of recycling for generations to come.
Please sign the petition to call on the County Council to cancel the contract with Veolia and to increase the Council's co-operation with the district and borough councils to boost recycling rates across the county.
That way, we would:
• save valuable materials
• reduce haulage of waste
• avoid pollution of air and water
• protect wildlife
• create local jobs
• and realise the aim of 'Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’.

The link to the petition is in the post below this.

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