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Campaigners Urge County Council to Reject New Incinerator Plan

Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Mon, January 25, 2016 17:44:59

Herts County Council have now released some information about Veolia’s Revised Project Plan for the management of waste in Hertfordshire, which Veolia submitted in summer 2015. Veolia are proposing a large waste incinerator at Rye House in Hoddesdon. It would burn waste collected by the councils across Hertfordshire.

Hatfield Against Incineration, together with Herts WithOut Waste and Friends of the Earth, led a campaign against Veolia’s proposed incinerator in Hatfield, which resulted in a final end to that plan in July 2015. We are opposed to the building of any new incinerator in Hertfordshire.

Veolia is not allowing the details of its revised proposal to be disclosed, beyond what is shown in a brief press release published today.

Herts County Council should reject the Revised Project Plan and pull out of the contract with Veolia now, as it is no longer fit for purpose. A consideration of the HCC contract with Veolia and the EU draft Waste Directive suggests that within ten years HCC would be paying fines for not recycling enough, or paying Veolia penalties for not producing enough waste.

An incinerator without maximum extraction of recyclable materials would be a particularly bad method of waste management.

We are opposed to incineration for the following reasons:

1. waste of resources that can be re-used, recycled or composted

2. pollution of the environment by emissions, traffic and visual appearance

3. contribution to climate change because of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions

4. not value for money in the long term, as other solutions (including the present, interim ones) are less costly

5. a contract for one huge plant is inflexible for the future, as new solutions become available

6. there is over-capacity of incineration already in the UK and in continental Europe

A far better way of managing waste in Herts would be:

1.take measures to increase further the rates of reduction, re-usage and recycling

2.separate collection of food waste in all parts of the County as soon as possible

3. use of anaerobic digestion (AD) to treat that food waste

4. transportation of waste to small waste-management plants close to where it arises

5. use of rail if we need to transport some waste over a distance, which may be necessary in the short term.

6. use of existing incinerators in the short term if necessary - but no building of new ones

Cathy Roe, Secretary of Hatfield against Incineration, said, “Herts County Council has already wasted over £12 million pounds on a highly unpopular, ill-conceived plan for an incinerator at Hatfield. That plan was opposed by the public and defeated. The County Council should have learned by now that incineration is not the way ahead for dealing with waste, and that electors will not tolerate another similar plan for the county.”

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