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Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Sun, October 25, 2015 11:22:01


From Hatfield against Incineration, Herts WithOut Waste, and Welwyn/Hatfield Friends of the Earth



Following the final rejection in Summer 2015 by the Secretary of State of the plan by Hertfordshire County Council and Veolia Environmental Services to put a huge waste incinerator on the New Barnfield site, close to Hatfield and Welham Green, the County Council is looking for a way to deal with “residual local authority collected waste”.

Residual LACW is household waste left after kerbside recycling and composting, the waste that is put by residents in their disposal bins. At the moment it contains plastics and other valuable materials that should be put in our recycling bins.

A recommendation by Herts County Council officers for the way of dealing with residual waste in future was expected this October, but has now been delayed until next Spring. The County Council has received a “Revised Project Plan” from Veolia, which they will compare against other possible methods of dealing with residual waste. Herts CC officers are also conducting a market engagement exercise, inviting suppliers of waste services to suggest ideas on how to deal with the residual waste.

Herts CC will decide whether to terminate the contract with Veolia and adopt an alternative scheme. It seems likely that Veolia’s Revised Project Plan will be for an incinerator somewhere in Hertfordshire, whereas other service providers may come forward to offer a lower cost alternative which is better for our environment and is more flexible.

Meanwhile, Herts CC has interim contracts for dealing with residual waste, partly with companies running incinerators in neighbouring counties.

Cathy Roe of Hatfield against Incineration said, “We urge Herts CC definitely not to put an incinerator on any site in the county. There is already excess capacity for incineration nationally and internationally, and this is why the Government withdrew the financial support (under the PFI scheme) for the New Barnfield incinerator proposal.”

Valerie Dorantt of Welwyn Hatfield Friends of the Earth said, “The way forward is to reduce, re-use and re-cycle until there is very little residual waste to deal with. If any more incinerators are built, they would have to be fed, wasting valuable recyclable materials and adding to airborne pollution.”

John Webb of Herts WithOut Waste said, “We can all help to reduce residual waste by throwing less away and by increasing our recycling and composting, especially by sorting things into the right bins. At the moment a huge amount of food waste is wrongly put in the bins for landfill or incineration. In most areas of Herts currently, food waste should be put in the composting bins. We urge all district councils in Herts in future to collect waste food separately, so that it can easily be used to produce compost to grow more food.”


Note: The Officers’ Report (Residual Waste Treatment Update) was delivered to HCC Community Safety & Waste Management Cabinet Panel on 21 October 2015, and can be accessed from this link

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