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Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Fri, July 03, 2015 09:24:20



Following the rejection of Veolia’s Planning Application for an incinerator at New Barnfield by the previous Secretary of State at the Govt Dept of Communities and Local Govt (Eric Pickles) in July 2014, Veolia made a legal challenge, in Aug 2014, which they won, in January 2015. Therefore the Planning Application went back to the Sec of State at the DCLG for re-determination. The current Sec of State at the DCLG is Greg Clark. He will make the new decision on or before July 16th 2015.

NBAF, and other parties who opposed the Incinerator at the Public Inquiry, used the official procedure, in May 2015, and sent in to the Planning Inspectorate our reasons why the incinerator Planning Application should still be rejected. There are even more reasons why it should be rejected now than there were in July 2014.

Now a select number of letters/emails have been sent direct to the Sec of State, Greg Clark, by our M.P. Grant Shapps, and by the Secretary of the New Barnfield Action Fund, Paul Zukowskyj. Some of the organisations which are members of the NBAF are also sending emails.

It is essential at this stage that any direct communication with the Sec of State at the DCLG shows understanding of the exact position now. The points being emphasised are the exact reasons why the previous Sec of State rejected the planning application last July, plus those further changes since then that have strengthened the planning case against it. (For example, Defra’s withdrawal of PFI credits for the incinerator because of lack of need for more incinerator capacity to reduce landfill).

We feel it would undermine the force of our argument to write to the Sec of State at this time about those arguments against the incinerator that were not supported by the Sec of State last July – however valid those arguments may be to residents. So, if any organisation intends to write to Greg Clark, but is not sure of the reasons why the previous Sec of State rejected Veolia’s Planning Application, please contact Paul Zukowskyj for advice.

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