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Can you help claim Bunchleys Area as a Village Green?

Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Sat, April 11, 2015 13:05:49



If so, please contact Mark Lampert

The Bunchleys Area is a piece of attractive green space, with trees, wildlife, and Bunchleys Pond. It is close to South Hatfield and Welham Green. It runs alongside the grounds of the former Southfield School and the New Barnfield former Resources Library site.

You can enter it by the signpost showing the Right of Way all-weather footpath to Bunchleys Pond. This is on the right as you walk from the southern end of the curly bridge at the end of Travellers Lane in South Hatfield towards the former Southfield School and the former Resources Library at New Barnfield.

Many people have used this piece of land for years for activities such as:

fishing, kite-flying, ball-games, dog-walking, taking photographs, drawing, looking at wildlife, and having picnics – small ones or larger organised ones. (Activities such as these are what the legal test of a Village Green calls “lawful sports and pastimes”).

Most of the land is owned by the Homes and Communities Agency & a small section by Herts County Council

A claim for the land to be recognised as a Village Green was submitted in March 2013, led by local community organiser Mark Lampert. Then in February 2014 the Homes and Communities Agency put up signs telling people to keep to the Right of Way footpath.

If you used this land for any periods during the 20 years before the Village Green claim was submitted in 2013, you can help secure it as a Village Green by filling in a form about when and how you used it.

Please contact Mark Lampert to obtain a form and for any further information you need.

A number of people have already filled in a form, and those people do not need to fill in another form.

The Village Green application is going to be advertised at the end of April, and then there will be a 6 week period for representations (which will not be treated as confidential). Then the applicant can comment on the representations. Then there will be a decision about how the application will be determined, by Herts CC or by Inquiry.

Please help:

  • We have already lost the Resources Library, and the former Southfield School building and grounds are lying wasted and empty, all because of Veolia’s incinerator proposal for the New Barnfield site.
  • Now there are written signs on the nearby Bunchleys Area to say we should not go on land that local people have used for generations.
  • Please help to claim this land as a Village Green, and so preserve the Bunchleys Area for the use of local people.

Link to map of Bunchleys Area:

Link to evidence form:

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