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In July 2014 the Secretary of State rejected Veolia’s Planning Application for an incinerator at New Barnfield, but in January 2015 Veolia’s legal challenge to that decision was upheld by the Court on a legal point. So now the matter has returned to the Secretary of State to re-determine his decision (The date when this new decision will be taken is unknown).

We are very optimistic that the Secretary of State will again reject Veolia’s Planning Application, but to demonstrate the continuing strength of feeling in the local area about the New Barnfield site, it would help if you responded to the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan consultation.

This is an Action you can take now, to ensure that there is never an incinerator or other unacceptable waste management development at New Barnfield


Please respond concerning the New Barnfield site, asking for it to stay in the Green Belt, and for the Green Belt boundary not to be altered to take it out of the Green Belt.

The Herts County Council Waste Sites Allocations Plan suggests that local councils take any sites allocated for waste management in that Plan (including New Barnfield) out of the Green Belt at their next review of the Green Belt, but we are asking Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council not to do this at New Barnfield.

The consultation ends March 19th 2015

You can respond on-line

Or by email to

Or write to Planning Policy, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Council Offices, the Campus, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6AE.

If you have already responded on other issues, please send an additional response.

Any responses should make it clear that :

This response is to 5. CS4 “Green Belt Boundaries and Safeguarded Land”, paras 5.9 and 5.10, of the draft Local Plan and relate specifically to the New Barnfield site.

You could make these points:

Ÿ I/we object to the suggestion that the Green Belt should be reviewed and/or altered in this area.

Ÿ The site makes a significant contribution to the four Green Belt purposes identified by WHBC in the current review

Ÿ The site contributes to the existing settlement patterns of Hatfield and Welham Green.

Ÿ The site contributes to the setting of Hatfield House.

Ÿ The Green Belt in this area is a ‘green lung’ contributing to environmental and social sustainability.

Ÿ Alteration of the Green Belt would be contrary to Government Policy and to recent Ministerial Statements.

Ÿ WHBC’s duty to co-operate (with HCC) is not a duty to agree.

Ÿ Paragraph 89 of the NPPF allows for development in the Green Belt under certain circumstances.

Ÿ South Way currently provides a strong defensible Green Belt boundary.

Ÿ Redefining the Green Belt boundary would result in an irregular shaped boundary with no strong features.


For Information

This is the text of paragraphs 5.9 and 5.10 of the draft WelHat Local Plan

5.9 The government applies a similar approach to waste sites; where a local authority’s area contains a high proportion of Green Belt land and an inadequate range of suitable sites outside the Green Belt exist, an authority may, exceptionally, consider a limited alteration to the defined Green Belt boundary to meet a specific and identified need for a waste management facility. The alteration might be to accommodate a site inset within the Green Belt. Where land is removed from the Green Belt, it should be specifically allocated in the Local Plan as a waste management facility site only. This requires careful co-ordination with the Waste Planning Authority (Hertfordshire County Council), the body responsible for the Waste Site Allocations Document (adopted July 2014). It will also require co-ordination with adjoining district planning authorities where sites cross administrative boundaries.

5.10 The Waste Site Allocations Local Plan allocates three sites wholly or partly within Welwyn Hatfield and within the Green Belt. The sites are at Birchall Lane, Cole Green (mostly in East Hertfordshire), Roehyde (mostly in St Albans), and New Barnfield, which is also identified in the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan as a Major Developed Site in the Green Belt. The Waste Local Plan allocations for all these sites lists a range of potential land uses and states that facilities could be small/medium or large scale, creating a degree of uncertainty as to what type and scale of land use could take place. Further, the exceptional circumstances relating to these sites, as acknowledged by the Inspector for the Waste Local Plan, relate solely to the need to make provision for the treatment and transfer of local authority collected waste. Because there is so much uncertainty relating to all these sites, the council will only review Green Belt boundaries once specific proposals and the extent of development are known.

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