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What will HCC do now about management of waste in Herts?

Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Wed, July 30, 2014 14:27:45

What will happen now regarding Waste Management in Herts?

The answer is not yet known, and it is likely that it will be quite some while before Herts County Council makes any decisions on this matter.

At the moment HCC and Veolia still have 3 weeks in which they may ask to appeal the New Barnfield planning application decision by the Inspector and the Secretary of State. (We consider it is extremely unlikely that they will do so.)

It is to be hoped that HCC and the Herts Waste Partnership will consider any new plans for management of Herts residual waste extremely thoroughly and carefully, and with minds totally open to methods which minimise harm to people and to the environment.

Herts Waste Partnership have issued the following answers to frequently asked questions about the New Barnfield decision.

(These are on the HWP website, and were also stated at the meeting of Herts Waste Partnership on July 28th 2014)

What is ‘Plan B’?

“The county council recently put new disposal contracts in place to allow for either further delay in delivering, or refusal of, the New Barnfield proposals. These will run from April 2014 until at least 2018 and can be extended to 2021 if required.

The contract with Veolia contains provisions following formal failure to obtain planning permission which include a requirement on the county council to either terminate the contract or to request that the contractor provides the county council with alternative proposals to manage the county’s residual waste. If a revised plan is requested by the county council, each and every aspect will be rigorously assessed (effectively a competitive dialogue process) prior to Cabinet taking a decision on whether to accept or reject the new proposals.”

What are the Termination costs in the contract with Veolia?

“The termination costs which form part of the contract with Veolia are capped at a maximum figure payable by HCC up on termination of the contract. This figure, for the present, remains commercially confidential but is significantly lower than the recent well publicised costs that have fallen to Norfolk County Council.”

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