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Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Tue, July 08, 2014 22:10:18


Campaigners heard on Tuesday July 8th that the Department of Communities and Local Government has rejected the planning application to build an incinerator at New Barnfield, in Hatfield.

Campaigners are very, very pleased that the incinerator plan has been rejected. We now look forward to a better future.

The DCLG has agreed with the decision of Inspector Richards, who led the Public Inquiry in Autumn 2013, that planning permission should not be granted for the incinerator at New Barnfield proposed by Herts County Council and Veolia Environmental Services.

We congratulate all the many, many people who have contributed to this success. It has been a very long campaign and many people have put a massive amount of time and effort into it. The campaign has involved people from the communities near to New Barnfield, and people from across the county. People have worked together whatever their opinions on other issues.

It was clear from the start that the plan for an incinerator at New Barnfield was wrong, as it would be damaging to people and to the environment. Herts County Council should have rejected any suggestion of an incinerator at New Barnfield years ago, before so much time and money was expended needlessly. The ruling group at Herts County Council did not take note of the true facts and did not listen to what the public were telling them.

Now Herts County Council needs to fully implement its own policy for waste – reduce, re-use, re-cycle – and must use methods of waste management that minimise harm to people and planet.

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