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Latest NewsPosted by Cathy Wed, November 07, 2012 15:51:30



At this meeting HCC gave final approval to the Waste Core Strategy (which is not site specific).

HCC also approved a changed version of the Waste Sites Allocations Document, to go out to public consultation Nov 9th to Dec 21st.

This document still includes New Barnfield in the list of waste sites, and still includes it as a potential site for an incinerator.

If you responded to the consultation on the Waste Sites Allocations Document held Feb to March 2012, you will need to respond yet again, and, if you did not respond then, you will be able to respond this time.

You will need to say that the document is “not sound”.

You can give reasons why New Barnfield should not be included as a waste site.

If you want details or an official form, they will be on, or ask in a library or council offices.

Or you will be able to just email

Or send a letter to Spatial Planning at HCC, County Hall, Hertford.

Further advice will be on this website soon. We plan to provide a simplified response form.

Responses to this consultation will go to an independent inspector who will conduct a public hearing and then give a verdict on the document.

The 2000 objections to the inclusion of New Barnfield which were sent in Feb-March will go to the inspector, but the inspector will be looking particularly at the new responses.

At the HCC meeting on Nov 5th, the vote to put out to consultation this Waste Sites Allocations Document, with New Barnfield still in it, was carried 43 for, 22 against.

Lib/Dem, Labour and Green county councillors voted against, and so did Stuart Pile (Con, Hatfield South) and Steve Markiewicz (Con, WGC South).

Bill Storey (Con, Hatfield Rural) , Clare Berry (Con, Hatfield North), and (we think) Richard Smith (Con, Welwyn) voted for. Sara Johnston (Con, Haldens, WGC) was unable to attend the meeting.

There were some strong speeches against the inclusion of New Barnfield in this Waste Sites document, from Sharon Taylor (Lab, Bedwell,Stevenage), Malcolm Cowan (Lib/Dem, Haldens & Peartree, WGC), Allan Witherick ( Lib/Dem, St Albans North), Rob Prowse (Lib/Dem, St Albans East), Stephen Giles-Medhurst (Lib/Dem, Central Watford & Oxhey).

A key point by most speakers against was that all the objections made in previous consultations relating to New Barnfield had been ignored.

Richard Thake (Con, Exec Member for Environment and Community Safety) proposed acceptance of the document for consultation. He said “Wherever it went it would upset somebody.” Yes, indeed – so an incinerator, especially one huge one impacting on one location, is obviously not the right way to deal with waste.

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